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We are the partners who ensure the glowing future. You need us more like how we need you. As Rouzel Pharma we specialize in the manufacture and the distribution of the various pharmaceutical products like the injectable, capsules, tablets, oral fluid, dry powder, soft gel capsule, eye, and the ear drops, ointments, Ayurvedic products, and the new drugs that have been approved by DCGI. We are the certified company that is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Our products are manufactured as per the ISO 9001: 2000 and the GMP WHO norms. You are thus assured of the highest quality and the standard products from us.


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    Rouzel Pharma has the best professional experts and you will get high quality products. The chemists operating the company are very reputed. The facilities used for chemical testing are of world class. We strongly work to ensure that the new technology works well to help in curing the dangerous ailments, treat and also prevent them. In the entire nation, we are trusted by the doctors and the biggest hospitals. We also serve the entire world. Our services are structured to enhance our customer’s satisfaction.


    Rouzel pharma has been serving the international and the domestic market for over 15 years. The management team is very committed to boosting the quality of the product. The products and services that have been delivered to the customers are the best. It’s the fastest growing clients caring partner.


    The suppliers and the vendors that are there for Rouzel Pharma are sourced from the procurement companies that are committed to the distribution of quality material. We use the current, advanced and the modern technology that works perfectly to improve our performance in the market.


    The best manufacturing practices in Rouzel Pharma are due to the best professionals that work to ensure GMP standards. The training that the operators of Rouzel Pharma are the best and they have the best skills and knowledge on how to deliver good results for the company.

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    Certified pharmaceutical company that robustly backed by a strong distribution network and path-breaking research work has placed us amongst India’s fast-growing transnational healthcare organizations. This is one of the fast growing & best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India. So Rouzel Pharma is the best pharma franchise company that is offering a monopoly based PCD pharma franchise in all India PCD Pharma Franchise provides you with the right to use the trademark and name of pharma Franchise Company for business purpose.

    Through our franchise, you will be able to sell the medicine using Rouzel Pharma’s brand name. The franchise can vary in terms of types and models. Rouzel Pharma will allow its pharma franchise business partner to carry company’s proprietary knowledge, doctor’s promotion authorization/appointment of, and rights to sell products, mutually agreed terms and condition for the specific area for example marketing, sale, distribution, distributors.


    We are extremely happy to work with Rouzel Pharma. They are always proactive. They have good people and good procedures.They maintain the standard for quality and service by which we judge other contractors. We all enjoy and value your service greatly. Many thanks for your fast and efficient service.

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    We believe in keeping high quality in our products so as to transfer maximum efficacy in every drug we manufacture and test at Rouzel Pharma. Our qualified procurement team ensures high efficacy in molecules and excipients used at Rouzel.